Leimaram Waterfall Manipur – A Wonderful Place to Be At

We were in the last lap of our ever exciting holidays in Manipur. I felt proud for having chosen the places to visit before the trip. My husband praised me for having a worthy tour and kids learned and witnessed a lot. I had my last destination to Leimaram Waterfall so that we can experience the scenic beauty of the place and end the tour in a stylish manner.

With my kids feeling excited, we arranged a cab to the water falls, which is located 23 kilometres away from the town, Imphal. I have read that it is a beautiful place with scintillating scenes of three waterfalls. Admittedly, I wanted to encounter a beautiful and relaxing place such this, where one can sit and behold the artistry of the painter of nature. And Leimaram Waterfall Manipur provided such tranquillity amidst the lapping of frothing fresh water.

Leimaram Waterfall Manipur

Leimaram Waterfall Manipur | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Nature has such a vast store of beauty in it that always amaze us with its mysterious beauty. I felt this when I was standing in front of the flowing water of Leimaram waterfall. Waterfalls have always appeared mysterious to me. A gush of water suddenly jutting out of the mountains! But what a picturesque effect it has on the nature! The place is said to have not only one but three waterfalls but only the first the lowest is the most visited one. The cascading water falling with a background of the green forest is really enchanting and will be engraved in my memory forever.

As we advanced towards the waterfall we could feel the sprays of water on our body. The excitement of my kids was clearly reflected on their faces, who were grinning continuously. We have some really nice pictures over there that were shot either by me or my husband. Either one of us were holding the hands of the kids, who otherwise could get slipped and create a mishap. The Leimaram Waterfall Manipur has a wonderful scenic value and is an important tourist spot since past couple of years. It was a wonderful experience and a must-visit site for those who are visiting Manipur.


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