The amazing Journey by Air and Train from Darjeeling to Mysore

Hello all. It was a long time since I had gone on a vacation with my family. Last month I got some time off from my busy schedule so I decided to make the most of it. We all decided to go on a vacation to a place down in the Southern part of the country and have some quality time together doing fun. The place that we decided to visit was Mysore. I booked the tickets myself and all other travel arrangements by opting for a Mysore flight and hotel package.

Bagdogra Airport

Bagdogra Airport | Image Resource :

The travel was done by us through both Air and Train. We had first booked flight tickets from Darjeeling to Bangalore by air route. I had booked Indigo airlines tickets from the Bagdogra Airport (IXB) to Kempegowda international Airport, Bangalore (BLR). It was a four hour flight and was to take off from Darjeeling airport at 12:30 PM so we reached the airport about 2 hours prior to complete our check in and other formalities. The air travel from Indigo was quite comfortable, they had served us a meal package and some refreshment drinks and after 4 hours we reached Bangalore airport.

Indigo Airlines

Indigo Airlines | Image Resource :

After reaching the Bangalore Airport, we took a short train journey to Mysore (MYS) from Shatabdi Express (12007). The train departed from Bangalore City Junction (SBC) at 10:50 AM and reached Mysore at 1 PM. It was only a short 2 hour travel, and the travel experience in Shatabdi Express is the best in the Indian railways as it is the most premier rail in the country. We were served a small meal and refreshment drinks.

Bangalore City Junction

Bangalore City Junction | Image Resource :

The excitement for the trip started to build in all of us and we were eager to reach Mysore as soon as possible. We had a great time on our journey too. The train reached Mysore at exact 1 PM.

There we hired a taxi to take us to our hotel, Hotel Crystal Paark Inn. It is one of the premier hotels in Mysore which was part of the Mysore package. We reached the hotel in 25 minutes and went to complete our check in formalities.


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