Mysore Palace: A Majestic Royal Palace

After the wonderful trip to the Zoological gardens of the Mysore city, we were ready to visit our next place which was the Mysore Palace. Mysore palace is the most prominent locations of the city and the biggest attraction. It is also known as the Amba Vilas. The palace is the residence and official seat of the Woodeyars, the Maharajas of Mysore who ruled the princely state till 1950.

The architectural style of palace is quite unique and is a blend of Indo-Saracenic with a touch of Hindu, Mughal, Rajput and Gothic style. The palace is a three stone structure having a long tower of five storeys and marble domes. The surroundings of the Palace are covered with lush green gradens. There are three entrances to the hotel, East Gate, South Entrance and the Western Entrance. It is said that there are several secret tunnels inside the palace which lead to many confidential areas of the city.

Mysore Palace Gate

Mysore Palace Gate | Image Resource :

Mysore Palace is one of the most unique palaces that we had seen so far. We have visited to countless the Mysore palace was something extravagant. The sight of Mysore Palace when fully illuminated in the evenings is not to be missed by anyone.

The interiors of the Palace are equally breathtaking with such a wide variety of antiques ad rich artefacts decorating the palace from inside. The palace complex has 12 temples dedicated to different Gods, the most beautiful being the Someshwara temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The rooms like Doll’s Pavilion, Kalyan Mantap and diwan e aam are splendid and amazing.

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace | Image Resource :

It was a pleasure to visit such a Royal Palace. We have seen this palace on television a number of times especially during Dussera when it is illuminated for 2 months. The festival is celebrated in the city with much pop and show and is an integral part of the Royal culture of the Mysore city. This place is a must vist for everyone who lands in the Mysore city anytime.

After this splendid visit to Mysore Palace the next place that we went to visit was the Namdroling Nyingmapa monastery.


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