Namdroling Nyinmapa Monastery : A Peaceful Buddhist Abode

The next place that we decided to visit during our trip to the Mysore city was the Namdroling Nyinmapa Monastery. The monastery is the largest teaching centre of Tibetan lineage in the world. It is located in the area of Bylakuppe which lies in the Mysore district. There is a religious college, a hospital and some 5000 monks and lamas who live in the monastery. The monastery is said to be built in 1963 when Tibetan moonks were exiled from Tibet by China. It was established by Tibetan spiritual leader Prema Norbu Rinpoche.

The location of the monastery is amazing and splendid along the mountains of Coorg and a lot of other sceneries. The entrance to this magnificent monastery is through the 2 giant Red doors which are carved in Gold and many other precious metals.

namdroling nyingmapa monastery mysore

Namdroling Nyinmapa Monastery Mysore | Image Resource :

There are paintings from Buddhist artists which decorate the walls and statues within the temple complex are equally fascinating. It was the most brilliant residences cum university for Buddhist teachings anywhere in India. Buddhist monks and scholars from around the world visit this place owned Centre for Buddhist values and Teachings.

The serenity and calm we felt at Namdroling Monastery was amazing, the time it seemed stopped while we were inside the monastery premises. The air had soothing effect and the backdrop of Coorg hills added many dimensions to the beauty of this monastery. The mind and soul inside our body felt a divine peace and the chanting of slow Buddhist slogans and mantras by the monks near the sanctum sanctorum took us all in a trance. I have been to many Buddhist temples and monasteries but the atmosphere at this monastery and scenic location was amazing and never seen or felt by me.

inside view of namdroling nyinmapa monastery mysore

Inside View of Namdroling Nyinmapa Monastery Mysore | Image Resource :

It was an amazing time spent at Namdroling Monastery and all of us took many freat pictures of the beautiful surrounding landscapes and the majestic structure of the monastery. The moments we spent here will be cherished by all of us throughout our life.

The next place that we all decided to visit was the enchanting Karanji Lake in the Mysore City.

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