Karanji Lake: House for the Beautiful Birds

After our trip to the beautiful Namdroling Nyinmapa Monastery we went back to Mysore and were ready to visit some local places and spots. We decided to pay a visit to another jewel in the Mysore city which is Karanji Lake. The Lake is a water body which comes under the Mysore Zoo with a very magnificent park around it. The Lake is home to many species of birds some of which are local and some of them are migratory.

One can easily spot the ducklings on the lake and also darters, pelicans, spoon bills to name a few of them. The Lake also has a big aviary on top of it which is the largest in the country. This is a giant net enclosure as high as a tall tree where visitors can walk through easily and observe the birds from close. There were many Peacocks, wildfowl inside the aviary. When we walk ahead of the aviary there is another big enclosure which houses the Sarus Cranes. At a height of 6 feet, these are the largest birds found in the country and they are also the tallest birds to fly in the world.

Karanji Lake

Karanji Lake | Image Resource : mysore.nic.in

While we were there to visit the Karanji Lake we also decided to go for boating. We hired a pedal boat for a round trip around the bushy islands in the lake. The time we had spent boating was amazing and thrill. We took a lot of pictures while boating. The location and weather made it a perfect day for an outing like this. The children’s park was also near the boating area. While my kids were playing there enjoying the rides we went to have some coffee and snacks at the nearby booth.

The Karanji Lake is a very popular tourist spot and a favourite location for picnic among the local residents of Mysore. A trip to Mysore will be incomplete without a trip to this amazing natural wonder of the city. It is a perfect place to spend an evening with family or friends.

The next place that we decided to visit was the St Philomena Church of Mysore.

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