Railway Museum Mysore: A Great Place to Learn History of Railways

When we were done with the visit to the St Philomena Church, we went to visit the Railway Museum of Mysore. The Railway museum of Mysore is one of the earliest built in the country in 1979. Some of the vintage locomotives are displayed in the museum. The museum is located very close to the Mysore railway station on the Krishnaraaja Road. This museum is a very interesting place and full of knowledge for all those interested in the history of the locomotives and railways in India.

The Mysore museum houses a great collection of photographs and other memorabilia from the history of the development of Railways in India. The Chamundi gallery inside the railway museum has some great paintings which are related to the Indian railways. There are steams engines including the first ever steam engine that was used in India and other accessories used from the beginning of the railways in India are very exciting and amazing to know. The main attraction inside the museum is the mini train which is operated by the battery which takes the visitors to many galleries inside the museum.

Railway Museum Mysore Entrance

Railway Museum Mysore Entrance | Image Resource : jenniferandcurryinindia.wordpress.com

The Maharaja of Mysore has also contributed many artefacts to this museum including his royal carriage which enriches the treasures of the railway museum in Mysore. The Ranga Pavilion of the Mysore railway museum displays two of his coaches which give an idea of Indian royalty. Other artefacts which were lend by the Maharaja includes the salon car which was used by the then Maharani in the late 19th century. This was a very beautiful museum which gives an amazing knowledge about the Railways stations and railway history of India.

Railway Museum Mysore

Railway Museum Mysore | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org

The place should be visited by everyone who visit the Mysore city during anytime. It is opened for general public on all day from 10 Am to 1 PM and 3 PM to 5 Pm. The fee charged by the museum authorities is minimal. Overall it was a wonderful trip to the museum.

The next place that we decided to visit in Mysore was the Brindavan Garden which is very famous landmark in the city.

Mysore Rail Museum Boiler of Train

Mysore Rail Museum Boiler of Train | Image Resource : commons.wikimedia.org

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