Brindavan Gardens: Serenity along River Kaveri

After we paid a visit to the beautiful Railway museum of Mysore, we went to visit the Brindavan garden. The Brindavan Gardens of Mysore is an important landmark in the area and is built along the Kaveri River. The work to build these Gardens started in the year 1927 and completed in 5 years. The place is visited my many tourists every year and hence is a very popular attraction of the city.

Brindavan Gardens Mysore

Brindavan Gardens Mysore | Image Resource :

The Gardens are maintained by the Kaveri irrigation Department. The gardens spread across an area of 75 acres and is laid out in the form of three terraces which has some magnificent fountains, Ficus trees and other amazing floras. The garden is decorated by Topiary works which are the sculptures of animals created by shrub clippings. The main attraction of the park is the musical fountains where the burst of water are synchronised by the music of various songs. We also did boating inside the gardens for sometime in the lake.

The place was very well maintained by the administration. It was a perfect location to spend some evening time away from the hectic and stressful city life. People from all walks of life were there in the park enjoying some wonderful time with their friends and family. The Gardens is a very good place where kids seemed to enjoy very much.

Brindavan Gardens

Brindavan Gardens | Image Resource :

There is a dedicated area for children with a list of swings and rides and they joy of watching them play was just amazing. We had clicked some amazing family pictures inside the gardens. The lush green surroundings and the backdrop of the lake served as the perfect place to capture some moments spent together by all of us.

It was sad to see some littering done by the tourists as they threw plastic bags and disposable items in the park. They should value places like these when development is turning entire cities into a jungle of cement and concrete. The time spent here in the park was amazing. Our trip to Mysore was coming to an end and hence we visited one last place which was the National museum of natural history.

Brindavan Garden Fountains at Night

Brindavan Garden Fountains at Night | Image Resource :

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