Regional Museum of Natural History: Creating Awareness about Nature

Our trip to Mysore was coming to an end. We had visited some beautiful and magnificent palaces, Gardens and museums in the city. As it was our last day in the city we decided to visit another important museum which is the regional Museum of natural history situated in Mysore. The historical city of Mysore added another prominent attraction to its list when this museum was opened in the year 1995. The location of the Museum is very pristine with a backdrop of Karanji Lake and Chamundi hills. The museum serves as a perfect place to experience nature and natural habitat through models and thematic exhibitions.

The museum was built to depict the flora and fauna treasures of Southern region in the country to the general public and depict the ecological relationship among the plants and animals of the nation. The museum is doing a very fine job in creating environmental awareness among the masses by building development plans and programmes. The museum has many sections inside the gallery which depicts the Biological diversity and life through the ages. The museum has special trips and tours for students from various schools and colleges.

Regional Museum of Natural History

Regional Museum of Natural History | Image Resource :

There is a section which is dealing with the Tropical rain forests signifying the importance of the forests and the wealth of nations in terms of biological diversity. There is a section dealing with the wetlands and the mangrove forests also. The section dedicated to the sea showcases a diorama of marine habitat in the country. The place is a perfect spot to get knowledge about various natural resources and nature and how it is getting harmed due to manmade development. The awareness which is created by the museum deserves a special mention.

With the trip to the Regional museum of natural history, our visit to this lovely city of Mysore came to an end. We were ready to go back to our normal life after some amazing days spent in the beautiful palaces, gardens, religious spots of the cities. We were taking with us some very good moments and memories captured both by our camera and by our heart which we will cherish throughout our life.

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