Thunchan Parambu Tirur Malappuram- Ideal for Lovers of Malayalam Language

The next destination in our list was the Thunchan Parambu in Tirur, Malappuram. It is situated at a distance of 2km on the south western part of the railway station in Tirur and is mainly a residential zone. We knew that the great pet Thunchan Ramanujan Ezhuthchan, from the 16th century took birth at this very place. He is renowned as the father of Malayalam.

We came to know that Malayalam language has something called kilippaattu style which was introduced by the great Ezhuthachan. He had greatly influenced the alphabets used in the language with his great poetic works. We also visited the memorium known as Thunjan Smarakom that has been constructed in 1964 in memory of the great poet.

The Gate of Thunchan Parambu

The Gate of Thunchan Parambu | Image Resource :

The local residents told us that during the month of December, a literary festival lasting for a week is organized in Thunchan Parambu. It also organizes the renowned Thunchan Utsavam once in a year in the month of February during which you can find a number of tourists and people from the neighbouring states. The Vijayadasami Day is another occasion where you can find numerous people going to Thunjan Parambu.

Many people come with their little ones in order to introduce them to the world of poets and letters. During this festival, there are teachers and poets who enable children write various things on the town’s white sands using their fingers. You can also find many upcoming writers and poets looking to earn a name during this portion of the year.

Thunchan Parambu

Thunchan Parambu | Image Resource :

We went to the building where we could see the iron stylus which was used by Ezhuthacahn for writing poems and other texts on palm leaves. We also saw the age old Kanjira tree below which he used to sit, compose his poems and even teach his disciples.

We were greatly impressed by the efforts and care being undertaken by the Thunjan Smaraka Samiti for preserving the works of the great poet. While talking with the concerned people, I learned that they wanted to give shape to a biography of the poet. They also have an aim of constructing a special research centre, to give classes to little ones, to open a big library, all to increase the popularity and richness of Malayalam language.


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