Payyambalam Beach Kannur- Secluded and Tranquil

There is no doubt about the fact that Kerala is one of the most naturally blessed states in India. It boasts of the Arabian Sea in the west and Western Ghats on its east. Backwaters are one of the major attractions of the state. It is also home to a number of beautifully crafted beaches. After exploring the longest drive-in beach of the country, we were ready for another beach known as Payyambalam Beach. It is very close to the Muzhappilanad Beach, our last destination.

The beach is located in the district of Kannur and is capable of attracting tourists from different corners of the world. We had seen pictures of the beaches on various magazines and publications and felt really lucky to witness that in real. We also went to the garden which was at a small distance away.

But unlike the last one, this beach is extremely secluded, peaceful and quiet. Since it was already evening by the time we could reach the beach, we could see a number of local families relaxing on the sand. Some of the locals told us to try out the different types of unique snacks being served by various shopkeepers. We could also see some families picnicking at various parts of the beach.

Payyambalam Beach Kannur

Payyambalam Beach Kannur | Image Resource :

It is easy to realise that the beach hasn’t been developed completely and can be turned into a lovely destination for tourists. But then, the peace and tranquillity of the beach gets endangered. We had a great time strolling along the coastline and relaxing on the warm sand. We also saw the world famous sculpture known by the name of Mother and Child and created by Kanayi Kunhiraman. It is the main attraction of the garden which is built specifically for children.

We also learnt that the location is one of the favourite spots for shooting various movies. It was used for shooting the Worlddspace ad which had A. R. Rahman in it. Then there was the Maniratnam movie called Alaipayuthey which was shot at the beach. The locals informed us that Kannur serves as home to many prominent political and social figures of the state.


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