Kottakkunnu Malappuram- Home to History and Amusement

After spending some relaxing time on the beach, we had to return to our hotel since the sun was already down. We had our dinner at the hotel and went for some therapeutic treatments after that. My children were extremely contended and happy and slept like dead logs. Even I had a good sleep but woke up early in the morning.

I am a great lover of historical places and keep reading such books and articles despite being a lawyer by profession. Our next destination was decided keeping my choice in mind. We had our breakfast at the hotel and hired a private cab which would take us to the remaining destinations.

Our next destination was Kottakkunnu which is located close to the office of the district collectorate of Malappuram. The driver informed me that Kottakunnu has been developed as a place of tourist attraction only a few years back. The name of the place comes from its main attraction which is a very old fort. The fort is said to be built by Kozhikode’s zamorins. The term Kottakunnu stands for fort and hill in Malayalam. The traces of the fort can still be seen in this place and that was enough to make my day memorable.


Kottakkunnu | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

After exploring the relics of the fort carefully, I was extremely pleased and satisfied. I had read about the fort in many books and publications but felt very lucky to actually witness them in reality. I could see that Montu and Chintu were getting a bit bored but I couldn’t help them. Even they knew that their mother had always been interested about old places and they were ready to compromise for that. Next, we went to the renowned Siva temple having Malabar’s murals and then to the Vettakkorumakan temple, both of which were located nearby.

But the real excitement came when we finally entered the Amusement Park in Kottakkunnu. It is a water theme park and was enough to make my little ones go mad. We spent an hour or so in the amusement park getting ourselves wet and then left the place.

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