Hotel Great Jubilee Wayanad- Finest 3 Star Hotels In Town

After landing at the Trivandrum Airport, we were a bit tired due to the jet lag. So we decided to head straight to our hotel where we could relax and rejuvenate ourselves. We had booked the hotel beforehand via the budget hotels app loaded in my smartphone. A cab was waiting outside the airport to take us directly to Hotel Great Jubilee Wayanad.

Hotel Great Jubilee Wayanad

Hotel Great Jubilee Wayanad | Image Resource :

On our way, we were mesmerized by the neatness and cleanliness of the city. Everything was well organized and the ride was traffic free. We were very happy that we had already landed in God’s own country which is blessed with Western Ghats on the eastern side, Arabian Sea on the western part along with 44 rivers of South India. The warmth and beauty of Kerala is simply unmatchable. I was also happy at the fact that there were many Ayurvedic styled health centres where I could exercise and go for therapeutic massages.

Rooms in Hotel Great Jubilee

Rooms in Hotel Great Jubilee | Image Resource :

We reached the Hotel Great Jubilee Wayanad and were greeted warmly by the staff. They took us straight to our suite room. It was a big one with the facilities of complimentary breakfast, spacious bathrooms, attached bed and living room, TV, safe deposit locker, separate dining and living room, laundry, etc. Since we were very tired, we didn’t take much time to have a shower and freshen up. Montu and Chintu were very excited at the fact that they would be able to roam around inside such a big suite.

We had chosen the hotel via the budget hotels app and knew that it is considered to be the state’s finest luxurious business class hotels located precisely in Sulthan Bathery in Wayanad. We preferred to stay in Wayanad because it was close to all the spots we had decided to visit during the tour. Hotel Great Jubilee Wayanad has a three star rating and received good reviews from those who had stayed here.

Ayurveda In Hotel Great Jubilee

Ayurveda In Hotel Great Jubilee | Image Resource :

I knew that the hotel offered Ayurvedic treatments such as rejuvenation therapy, neck and spine care therapy, weight reduction therapy, relaxation therapy, etc. Before hitting the bed, I, along with my children, decided to refresh ourselves through such therapies.

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