Arakkal Museum Kannur- Preserving the Heritage of Royal Arakkal Family

After exploring the all exclusive rituals, traditions and offerings at the Parassinikadavu Muthappan temple worshiping Lord Siva, we moved on towards our next destination. On our way to the museum, we could feel the presence of the beautiful roads, the neat and clean pavements once again and wondered how fast time flies by.

Arakkal Museum Kannur

Arakkal Museum Kannur | Image Resource :

We felt a bit sad at the fact that the trip was coming to an end but we decided to make the best of our time left. We didn’t have to travel much as it was at a distance of just two to three kilometres from Kannur. After having lunch at a nearby hotel, we entered the Arrakkal Museum. As already mentioned, I am a big fan of history and anything which is associated with it. So the Museum was going to be like a treat for me. And I was sure that even the children were going to love the place.

Ancient Telephones in Museum

Ancient Telephones in Museum | Image Resource :

As the name indicates, the museum is devoted to a family known as Arakkal. It was the only royal Muslim family to have existed in this part of India. The museum has been built by using a portion of the Arakkal Palace which is locally known as Arakkalkettu. The museum’s location used to serve as the durbar hall for the royal family. It was in the month of July in 2005 when the Government of Kerala decided to open the museum after a lot of renovation worth Rs 90 lakhs.

We came to know that the government may have renovated the entire palace to convert it to a museum but the ownership rights still belong to the famous Arakkal Family’s Trust.

Sword and Dagger in Museum | Image Resource :

Sword and Dagger in Museum | Image Resource :

The most surprising thing is that even the Archaeological Survey of India, the country’s only archaeology department, doesn’t have any kind of control over this palace or museum. It was only the interest of the Government of Kerala which led to the establishment of the museum. Since the royal Arakkal Family had played a very big role in Malabar’s history, the government wanted to preserve their heritage. We had to pay a very nominal fee for entering the museum which goes straight into the Trust opened by the Arakkal family.

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