Chembra Peak Wayanad- Enjoy Trekking At Its Best

From the museum we went straight to the Chembra Peak located in Wayanad. We knew that it was a must visit place for nature admirers and we couldn’t afford to miss the opportunity to miss it. It is located close to a small town known as Meppady at a distance of eight kilometres on the southern part of Kalpetta. It is believed to the highest peak of Wayanad with an altitude of 2100m. On our way to the peak, we spotted a heart shaped lake which was simply exquisite. The lake is believed to have never dried and is named as hridayathadakam.


Hridayathadakam | Image Resource :

The Chembra Peak is situated besides the Vallarimala of Kozhikode and Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu. After reaching Meppady, we had to get down and walk on our feet in order to reach the Chembra Peak. We had hired a guide so that we didn’t face any problems in exploring the peak completely. We could see the top of the peak from a distance while we were on our way from Wayanad. But on reaching the top of the peak, we were simply dumb struck. It was a feeling which can never be described. We could see almost the entire district from its top. We could also see the Nilgiri and Malappuram districts.

Chembra Peak Wayanad

Chembra Peak Wayanad | Image Resource :

We came to know that people could not camp here for an overnight stay since there is the danger of hidden wild animals. Before reaching the Chembra Peak, we had to obtain permission from the forest office of Meppady which didn’t take much time since it is open on all days. We knew that the site was ideal for trekking but I had two little ones with me and couldn’t even think of doing any such thing.

One of the locals informed me that you had to trek in groups of 10 people with a fee of Rs 50 for Indians and Rs 100 for foreigners. Another advantage of travelling over the hills to the Chembra peak is the number of tea gardens you come across. We had to abort the peak after around 20 minutes since it was getting dark. We returned to our hotel and packed our bags since we had to catch the return flight early in the morning the next day.

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