Proud Elegance of Chhota Imambara Is Never Too Late To Admire

A city so elegant, one can never walk out without falling in love. Lucknow being the capital of Uttar Pradesh is the reason why the Mughal and Awadhi culture has stayed close within our hearts even today. For years, the structures have displayed the real essence of Nawab architecture. Also, the true culture of this place is obvious from the attractive buildings that will leave the tourists awestruck.

Chhota Imambara or popularly known as the Imambara of Husainabad is beyond being attractive. A majestic structure erected in the city of Lucknow, it was built by Mohammed Ali Shah in 1839. This place was erected as a symbol of allegiance to his faith as well as gratitude for the lucky windfall that had saved his life years ago.

Chhota Imambara

Chhota Imambara | Image Resource :

The domes of Imambara glitter with beauty and can be viewed even from a distance. One can never miss out on the huge gateways to the east and west that make the place look fabulous. The gateway is filled with minute yet beautiful work and also loaded with more and more features such as the panja emblems with huge symbolisms and hence the place gets an advantage of beauty from the gates.


Calligraphy | Image Resource :

The place also reflects some hidden yet displayed arts in a very creative and artistic manner. The two bronze structures at the gate are lightning conductors. Also one can see a replica of the Taj Mahal fountain structure here with a small lake in front which is supported by two structures on the either side giving a look that is completely mesmerizing. The grand halls have beautiful and unique calligraphic design forms framed and displayed.

Chhota Imambara Main Hall

Chhota Imambara Main Hall | Image Resource :

There are beautiful and inspiring Quranic verses and prayers which have been inscribed in the form of horse, bird or tiger. The interior walls of the main hall and the adjoining building are filled with equally wonderful designed masterpieces. The various patterns and shapes inscribed in the pillars, arches and doorways are quite unique and one of their kind. I truly loved every aspect of this place.

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