The Changing Times Can Never Change The Beauty Of Husainabad Clock Tower

Artistic and structural marvels are no new ideas to a place like Lucknow. Influenced strongly by the Nawabs and the Mughal rule, this place has a rich culture filed with the essence of their traditions. The place has every memory of their rule in the most elegant and lovely fashion. Even today their marvelous structures will make you feel completely mesmerized and leave you with the feeling of beautiful and old India.

Some structures are timeless and some structures of time explain how a beautiful time piece can sweep you off the floor. Husainabad Clock Tower of Lucknow is one such structure. Constructed by the Nawab Nasir Ud Din Haider, it is one of the structures that consumed lakhs for its elegance. Located very close to the Rumi Darwaza, it is a super nice package to spend a day. This is a blend of India’s architectural elegance and the English brilliance, and it has been standing brilliantly since 1881. The structure adds to the majestic looks of the beautiful banks of Gomti River.

View of Clock Tower Lucknow

View of Clock Tower Lucknow | Image Resource :

The unique Victorian and Gothic style of structure is pretty much new to our country, and one will definitely admire its beauty even from a distance. I did. Its gigantic pendulum stands unique and majestic and is designed in the shape of a 12 petal flower and bells around the main structure. What’s more, the surroundings make the structure look more than just beautiful and enhance its beauty. This is a perfect example of English architecture being perfection. The material used for constructions were specially imported from Luigate, London.

Husainabad Clock Tower

Husainabad Clock Tower | Image Resource :

This is among the biggest tourist attractions in the city. Walk into this place during the months between September and April and it will for sure be the most beautiful and unforgettable experience. The weather complements the beauty of this place and makes it completely splendid in looks. At 67 mts tall, this is more than just a structure. It is a symbol of beauty of this artistic city. I had a great time at this fantastic location as a part of the long and beautiful vacation with my family.


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