Walking Through The Gates Of Beauty – Rumi Darwaza Lucknow

Lucknow is a city rich in culture and still holds its traditional beauty intact. The beautiful culture is still everywhere and from the architectural style to the wonderful places, one can see a strong influence of the Mughals and the kings who ruled this place and flourished. Today being the capital of Uttar Pradesh it is close to impossible not to notice every inch of beautiful gardens and buildings that fill the city. I had this place next on our tourist destination list.

Rumi Darwaza is a beautiful structure of historical importance in Lucknow. This is an imposing gateway built under the patronage of one of the famous Nawab Asaf Ud Daulah. This is the best example for Awadhi architecture. This has been serving as an entrance to the city of Lucknow since then.

view of rumi darwaza lucknow

Rumi Darwaza Lucknow | Image Resource: maharajas-express-india.co

Six feet tall and modeled to impress and mesmerize, this structure is majestic and beautiful even today. The garden area surrounding the main structure is so fresh, green and beautiful that it adds more to the existing beauty of this structure. One can never believe this is about 2 centuries old.

Rumi Darwaza Gardan

Rumi Darwaza Gardan | Image Resource : theorissa.com

This has served as a mark of the city since the olden days. This place has been a symbol of beauty. It is known as the Turkish gateway and is supposed to be the identical yet Indian influenced version of the gateway of ancient Constantinople. One can never fail to look how majestic the structure is from a distance.

The word Rumi used to name the structure is influenced from today`s Rome, and honestly one will never fail to notice how much of an international influence there is to this place while admiring this wonderful masterpiece. The uppermost part of this Darwaza basically comprises of an octagonal Chari, which is carved beautifully and can now be accessed through the staircase that is available for visitors.

Night View of Rumi Darwaza

 Night View of Rumi Darwaza | Image Resource: commons.wikimedia.org

The night lights can fill the area and structures with light and hence beauty making this entire place looks wonderful and fabulous. The design speaks volumes of what marvelous magic architecture can create.


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