The Residency, Lucknow: Telling The Tales Of A Bygone Era!

With more and more days of our journey in Lucknow, we realized that the city is indeed rightly called ‘The City of Nawabs’. Lucknow brought to us lots of history, stories from the past, a culture that is rich and exuberant along with authentic food and splendid welcoming hospitality. As I am an ardent lover of historical facts and heritage structures,

The Residency Lucknow was always on top of my list. I had read about the contribution of ‘The Residency’ during the 1857 Sepoy Mutiny and was quite fascinated to explore it in reality. We finally reached The Residency located at Qaiserbagh. The moment I witnessed it with my eyes, right in front of me, I felt that I had been transported back in time to the year 1857.

The Residency Lucknow

The Residency Lucknow | Image Resource :

The Residency is also called the British Residency. It was built in the year 1800 during the dynasty of Nawab Sadat Ali Khan II and served as the residence for the British General who was the representative in the Nawab’s court. The Residency played a major contribution in India’s First War of Independence. The British Residency was a refuge for around 3000 British occupants when the 1857 uprising broke out.

Cannons at The Residency

Cannons at The Residency | Image Resource :

The Residency is now in ruins and is protected by the Archaeological Survey of India. On entering the complex, we could see several buildings that were part of the original Residency before the uprising of 1857. The building walls are still blemished by cannon shots. The buildings are constructed out of Red Lakhori bricks and are beautifully set amongst various trees and lawns. The greenery and flowerbeds around the place make you feel relaxed and help you travel back in history.

Further exploring the place, we headed towards the museum which exhibits the 1857 story in a sequential order. It consists of guns, cannons, badges of ranks, swords, medals, shields, and other items like a model of residency, paintings, etc.

Sir Henry Lawrence Memorial

Sir Henry Lawrence Memorial | Image Resource :

The heritage site also has a cemetery where the 2000 people who lost their lives are buried along with the Sir Henry Lawrence Memorial. We had to pay a nominal entrance fee of Rs 5 per head. Children below 15 have free entry. The residency is open from 7 am to 6 pm.


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