Revisit Childhood Life All over Again At the Lucknow Zoo!

I decided it was high time we break the monotony of visiting historical sites as my kids were exhausted of history and wanted to visit some place lighter like the Lucknow Zoo. Zoo happens to be their favourite and the moment I tossed the name, I saw heads nodding with excitement.

Zoo is a common place that hits everybody’s favourite destination list, isn’t it? The Lucknow Zoo is the largest zoo in the state and it is quite popular for its gorgeous flora and fauna. It also holds a reputation of making you fall in love with the animals in the zoo.

Lucknow Zoo

Lucknow Zoo | Image Resource :

So we headed out for our fun trip to the zoo at Hazratganj with my kids super excited and started playing the guess game of the animals they were going to spot. The zoo timings are 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. We had to pay Rs. 20 per head as entrance fees since it was a weekday, the prices on the weekend are however Rs. 25. Along with this, we also had to cuff up additional Rs. 10 for our camera.

Animals in Lucknow Zoo

Animals in Lucknow Zoo | Image Resource :

We entered the gates excited and were given information that the zoo was built in the year 1921 to honour the visit of Prince of Wales. We found many animals, right from the Royal Bengal tiger, White Tiger, Lion, Wolf, Zebra, Asiatic elephants, Indian rhinoceros, etc. We saw them all. This wasn’t it. We also saw black buck, the Himalayan black bear, hog dear, hornbill and types of pheasants. Along with my children I was also jumping with joy like a kid excited to visit a zoo and spot animals.

Toy Train

Toy Train | Image Resource :

Birds in Lucknow Zoo

Birds in Lucknow Zoo | Image Resource :

The animals are not the only things to see. There were around 261 species of birds and variety of reptiles. We chose to walk around the zoo but if you want, you can also hop to the toy train service which covers each section of the zoo. The unique thing about the Lucknow zoo is that it is a hub for fanatics to understand and appreciate the sciences behind conservation and breeding management of the animals and species. It took us about 4 hours to completely travel through the entire zoo.

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