A Trip to the Heaven on Earth – Jammu and Kashmir

I am a resident of Darjeeling which is a beautiful city in northern West Bengal. This hill station around the world is famous for its tea gardens and outpouring scenic beauty. The serenity of my home town is comparable to few places on Earth. Being a resident of such a beautiful city I am surrounded by the delightful scenes of nature and a perfect climate. This allows me to deal with the mental exultation that law as a profession offers me.

Every person should stay close to nature for some time in order to come at peace with their own being. I am therefore a fan of visiting places which are filled with scenic beauty. No other place in India out passes Jammu and Kashmir in terms of natural beauty. I also chose to visit the valley because of the interesting elements of Indian history that are scattered all around the state.

It is not at all difficult to reach the state of Jammu and Kashmir these days. A robust air and railway network exists allowing affordable and comfortable travel to different parts of this beautiful city. Given the increase in tourism and related activities in the state a variety of lodging options in Jammu have popped up.

Many five-star and 3-star hotels now mark the city of Jammu which is also home to the international airport of the state. These hotels offer everything from affordable single rooms to luxury suits and deluxe suites. When I decided travel to Jammu with my family I had no trouble in getting good Jammu flight hotel deals and combos.

Indira Gandhi International Airport

Indira Gandhi International Airport | Image Resource : scoopwhoop.com

I booked all my travels online and got a number of discounts and added benefits. The air journey was extremely comfortable and satisfying. The first part of this journey was between Darjeeling and the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi via a Vistara Airlines flight.

Vistara Airlines

Vistara Airlines | Image Resource : asrfindia.in

Vistara is owned the highly respectable Tata group in collaboration with Singapore Airlines and offers international standard flight services to its customers. The second part of the journey took us from IGI Airport to Bagdogra International Airport in Jammu. Our hearts were filled joy, anticipation and high hopes when we landed in the paradise on Earth – Jammu.

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