Amarnath Temple Jammu – A Visit to Holiest Hindu Shrine in the World

The Amarnath temple is one of the most temples for Hindus around the world. It is by far the most visited Hindu pilgrimage site in the world and is located in the northern part of Jammu and Kashmir in India. The cave is located at a very high altitude yet millions of devotees visit the shrine every year during a small window during which the climate remains tolerable.

The high terrain and adverse weather does not allow children or elderly to take these difficult trips. People who visit the shrine always believe that they receive the might from the Lord Shiva himself to face all difficulties to come to his divine influence. The Amarnath Cave Temple is located at a whopping height of 12,750 feet or 3888 meters. The Amarnath Temple Yatra or journey begins from the capital of Jammu and Kashmir that is Srinagar and takes around 60 days to complete.

The way of Amarnath Temple Yatra or Journey

The way of Amarnath Temple Yatra or Journey | Image Resource :

The best route to travel to Amarnath is via Pahalgam which is located north of Srinagar and is easily accessible by road from the capital city. The Amarnath Temple cave is around the year surrounded by snow and is located amongst the tallest and the snowiest mountains of the Himalayas. This allows pilgrims to visit the shrine only during a short span of 2 months during the summers. This duration is generally between July and August but may vary depending on the onset of monsoon in the region.

Amarnath Temple Jammu

Amarnath Temple Jammu | Image Resource :

The trip must be complete before the first strike of monsoon as landslides are a major concern. The sacred shrine consists of an Ice Stalagmite Linga of the Lord Shiva and it is believed that the Lord permanently resides in these caves in the Himalayas.

It is believed that it was in these lakes that Lord Shiva gave the lessons of wisdom and worldly cycles to his consort Goddess Parvati and his son Lord Ganesha. There are two more ice stalagmites close to the central one in the Amarnath cave which are worshipped as the Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesha. This year around 6 lakh devotees from around the world had the opportunity to visit the holiest Hindu shrine in the entire world and I believe that I was extremely lucky to be one of them.


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