A Satisfying Stay at the Hotel Asia – Jammu Tawi

When I chose a hotel for my trip to Jammu and Kashmir I had decided that I will go in for a budget hotel which is comfortable. I did not need to have luxurious stay but just all the basic amenities. If one is clear about one’s lodging needs and travel requirements beforehand it become extremely easy to choose an appropriate hotel even at a new destination. Today the amount of resources and information available online is just infinite and comprehensive. One can not only find hotels and look for the amenities available there but can also read first hand reviews from recent customers, compare prices and even get opinions from experts.

The Hotel Asia Jammu Tawi located in Jammu, is a prestigious and highly rated 3 star hotel that provides comfortable accommodation at affordable prices and is known amongst tourists for its unique hospitality. My experience at the Hotel Asia Jammu Tawi Jammu was just delightful from the very onset. The hotel is located close to airport, railroad, bus stop and all the major tourist attractions.

Hotel Asia - Jammu Tawi

Hotel Asia Jammu Tawi | Image Resource : asiahotelsjammu.com

The hotel has set international standards in all its services and hence has been able to build its name amongst international tourists. The finest of details is taken care of and almost all amenities are available with an extent of flexibility which is most desirable given the fact that every individual may have different habits and different needs. The infrastructure and architecture of the hotel Asia Jammu Tawi is unique in several regards. It has a beautiful garden, 2 multi-cuisine restaurants, a state of the art bar, and a delightful coffee shop. The shopping arcade sells authentic products from the valley. The hotel is popular for its Chinese-oriental cuisine and also for its interesting cocktails.

Tavern Bar

Tavern Bar | Image Resource : asiahotelsjammu.com

The Location of the Hotel Asia makes it an even more convenient choice for any tourist. It is placed in Jammu Tawi which itself is a popular destination as the Vaishno Devi Shrine is located here. Many popular tourist destinations like the Bahu Fort and Temple, Amar Mahal Museum, Mubarak Mandi Complex and the Dogra Art museum are all located within a 5 km radius.


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