The Recreational Sport Which Is Exhilarating Too: Paragliding In Manali!

Hi, I am Vanshika Dutta a full time lawyer and I love my hometown Darjeeling. I am a devoted wife and mom to two lovely kids. The trips I take when I am free are something I look forward to. Of late I am getting very interested in adventure and sports, but with a difference, that of paragliding.

Talk of paragliding and I cannot help admiring this recreational activity that has flying of para-gliders with lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched glider aircraft that has no basic structure. For taking part for Paragliding in Manali they provide a harness that is suspended below a fabric wing made of lot of interconnected baffled cells.

Foot-launched glider aircraft

Foot-launched glider aircraft | Image Resource :

For Paragliding in Manali Take Accessories Which Are Important

I always feel that taking precautions and taking a few accessories along is very necessary for paragliding. Variometre is one instrument which gives an idea about the altitude, speed of winds, direction and so on. Hook knife is another important thing that has to be carried for cutting off tangled lines in trees or elsewhere.

Accessories for paragliding

Important accessories for paragliding | Image Resource :

As I searched more on the safety of paragliding and requirements of accessories which one needs for this sport, I thought before I learn paragliding in Manali I need to check vendors, who provide these accessories and found that, “fly it your way”, had very useful accessories. There are spare parts for the glider, like QPS carry, rucksack, acro brake handle, protect bag. For the harness are the speed bag, g-force brake parachute and drinking system. Parachutes require accessory spare parts like rubber bands, deployment bag.

For That Adrenalin Rush: Paragliding At Manali

paragliding at Solang valley

Paragliding at Solang valley | Image Resource :

I found out that there is this paragliding at Solang valley where the cost was just Rs.600 for short fly and Rs.1500 to 3000 for long fly which I felt was decent enough for starters. The Indian Parachuting Federation or the Aero club of India have all the registered schools of paragliding, that offer this sport. In future when I really take the plunge I will definitely be going on this website for the best paragliding schools.


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