Train Travel from Darjeeling to Manipur Still Lingers In My Mind

Life is a competition for me bestowed with enormous happiness as its reward. I have cherished all the things that come in my way of life. I get amused to the fascinating nature and its environment very easily and that brings in me a real feel of a place.

There is no doubt that I am a keen seeker of resting places for meditation and yoga but I always try my best not to miss out any opportunity for the other adventurous and sightseeing places. Being fond of India’s glorious past and history, free from my other commitments, I always plan a meticulous journey to any worth visiting place. The ancient culture and its exhibited form in the modern era reveal a magical charm to my mind and heart. Hence this time a luxurious journey was waiting to my itinerary for a wonderful jewel land, Manipur, succeeded through my train travel from Darjeeling to Manipur.

New Jalpaigudi

New Jalpaigudi | Image Resource :

The DJ NJP NG Train (52540) was scheduled to depart from Darjeeling station at 9.15 am and reach New Jalpaigudi at 4.50 pm. I chose that kind of journey because of the insufficient and time-consuming direct route. I could not afford to risk any exhausting journey for my sake as I was accompanied by my two adorable children and my adorable husband. With all prior arrangements, I rushed to the station to board the train.  The train departed safely and we were all filled with immense enthusiasm and expectations. Within a short span of time we reached the place and decided to wait at the waiting room to board the next train Brahmaputra Mail (14506), at 04.55 the next morning.

Brahmaputra Mail

Brahmaputra Mail | Image Resource :

The time was very hard to pass out with such fantasizing thoughts of the land of Manipur but we were left with no options behind. Occupied by the snacks packed from the railway food counter, we boarded the train to reach Dimapur at 8.55 pm, provided the train runs punctually. It was a bit long journey but yet we maintained our hopes and joys.

Covering around a 4-hour journey by a private car, we settled down to a luxurious hotel in Manipur known for its prime delicacy and famous Manipuri dish Eromba. My train travel from Darjeeling to Manipur via DJ NJP NG Train and Brahmaputra Mail was of course tiring but I was sure to have some healing experiences at the hotel and overcome it easily.


Train Travel from Jalpaiguri Road (JPE) to Guwahati (GHY) with Brahmaputra Mail

Other than practicing law, travelling with family is another of my passions, and within the 35 years of age, I have visited many places in India. I am happy to share some of my experience with you. After reaching Darjeeling from our visit to Patna, we had an exciting get-together with our friends there. With many days left for the schools to reopen, we made plans to visit Guwahati. We opted for train travel from Jalpaiguri Road (JPE) to Guwahati (GHY) with Brahmaputra Mail. As we stayed far from the railway station, we had the cab arranged to take us to the railway station. It is a 2-hour journey from our home to the railway station. So we started at 3 am, and reached the station at 5.00 am.

Jalpaiguri Road Railway Station

Jalpaiguri Road Railway Station | Image Resource :

The arrival time of the train at Jalpaiguri was 5.24 am. There wasn’t much crowd at the station. It was very cold in the early morning and we all had woolen clothes on. I had more warm clothes packed as it is going to be cold at Guwahati too. Since the train stopped only for 2 minutes at the station, we carried as little luggage as possible and quickly got into the train.

Having booked an AC coach, we were provided with blankets and pillows and soon all of us fell into deep sleep. I woke up at 8 am and saw that the sun was shining through the windows. I woke up my kids and husband and served the breakfast that I packed from home. After the breakfast, my husband and I had coffee brought from the canteen in the train. I took my kids to the washroom and came back.

Vegetarian Lunch In Train

Vegetarian Lunch In Train | Image Rsource :

For the next couple of hours we all sat viewing the scenery outside. At 1.00 pm we had the lunch that we ordered in the train. It was a vegetarian lunch and tasted good. The train travel from Jalpaiguri Road (JPE) To Guwahati (GHY) with Brahmaputra Mail takes only about 9 hours and the arrival time of the train at Guwahati was 2.25 pm. As the train approached the station, we all got up hoping to have a wonderful holiday at Guwahati.

A memorable journey by Brahmaputra Mail

Christmas holidays! The long awaited one…My kids were waiting for the season so that they go around to different places. It was in May that we last travelled, so after months of work, school and hectic schedules, all of us needed a break. I take care to choose locations that are not very far, if the journey is too long, it might get tiresome for my kids. After taking suggestions for my family, we decided to travel to Patna, which is just a comfortable journey of 7 ½ hours.

It was 21 December, and winter was at its peak. We wore our woolens that would keep us warm all through the journey. Bags were packed and we were starting the journey from Darjeeling. We had to board the train, Brahmaputra Mail from Jalpaiguri Road railway station. It was 2 hours journey from our home in Darjeeling. My husband had already arranged for the vehicle that would drop us at the station. The train was scheduled to leave at 9:20 pm. So, to be on the safer side, we started our journey at 6 pm.

Jalpaiguri Road Railway Station

Jalpaiguri Road Railway Station | Image Resource :

We reached the station at around 8:15 pm and began walking towards the entrance with our baggage. We walked towards the display board, which had the names of trains and the scheduled timings of departure and arrival. Our train was arriving at the right time. I had packed dinner for my family. We decided to have it before boarding the train. We found a quiet and peaceful place where we sat and had rotis and pickle.

As the train arrived people, started walking towards their respective coaches. We had 2-Tier AC tickets and there was hardly anyone boarding the coach. As we entered and settled down, we were given the beddings and blankets. It would take another 16 hours; I set my alarm and then off to sleep.

Bread and Omelet

Bread and Omelet | Image Resource :

It was 7am, the next day when the alarm on my phone began to wake us all. We ordered for bread and omelet as breakfast in the train. We were to get off the train at 1 o’ clock. As I looked through the window, the day seemed bright sunny. Patna was going to be a treat for all of us!