A Memorable DHR Journey with Kids

It would have been just another Saturday, if not for my great planning and strategizing skills. Now, it all started with all the four of us having our evening ginger tea at home with cool breeze flowing our way through the slightly opened window. It was quite a long time we caught up with any kind of outdoor activity or even short trip, of course due to my heavily jammed schedule.

However, we made it a point that the upcoming Saturday would bring a certain pleasant change in our bustling daily life.

Toy Train Darjeeling

Toy-Train-Darjeeling | Image Resource – wikimedia.org

Actualizing our plans, we boarded the toy train and begun with our journey to the New Jalpaiguri from our place in Darjeeling. Yes, my kids and I got into the “toy train,” the one that is popular across the world by the name of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway or DHR.

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While for me it was the fifth time, my kids had experienced travelling in the toy train for the very first time. They were literally left stunned and amazed on seeing the beautiful scenic views of everything that came in the way. The mist-clad mountains, greenery, flowers and the quietly liberating smoke as well — it felt like nature’s beautiful bounties are being showered upon us. Truly mesmerizing.

I know it was not the first time for me but still the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway brings back to me my childhood memories and to experience it all with my little ones — it is just spectacular and bewitching.I have always loved travelling with my kids because I think they are quiet observers. They were equally happy and excited about all that I pointed out to them, especially my younger daughter.

As such, I am passionate about the glorious histories of India, and this vintage toy train is approximately more than 130 years old, making it one of my memorable journeys. Within some 2-odd hours, we finally reached our destination from where we headed off for some sightseeing. More than anything, I have truly cherished every single bit of my rail journey with DHR and of course my beloved kids. So, until we plan our yet another outing.