Japanese Peace Pagoda Darjeeling – Experience Harmony!

On a cold winter morning we got on the wheels and visited the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park in Darjeeling. It was a wild experience and my kids, Chintu and Motu enjoyed the animals to the best. They were thrilled, delighted and excited about having met their own counterparts who were slightly morphologically different! After witnessing the zoo we enchanted ourselves with a delicious meal amidst nature.

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The breeze welcomed us, the birds Hello-ed and there were some monkeys who joined us for the meal. After the meal we retired ourselves on the greens for a short siesta and we departed, back on the wheels again. My children’s delight was over and now it was my turn. Always interested in historical places and meditation, I decided to visit the Japanese Peace Pagoda located in Darjeeling.

Japanese Peace Pagoda

Japanese Peace Pagoda | Image Resource : wikipedia.org

Japanese Peace Pagoda is stupa containing a Buddhist relic. It’s one of its kinds in the country which inspires living in peace and harmony. It was initially designed by a Buddhist monk from Japan, Nichidatsu Fujii. He was very inspired by principles and preaching’s of Mahatma Gandhi that he devoted entire life to promote ahimsa and non violence. This was followed by constructing of Peace Pagoda’s for world peace. We reached the place and the white small structure kept us delighted. It was perfectly constructed and it truly promoted peace.

The silence inside the building was a moment of pleasure. I took a slow walk reading every board that explained the historical settings on the region and how this stupa came into being. They also explained strategies for world peace and harmony. It was a nice place to visit. I being interested in prehistoric constructions and theories, I was very glad about having visited the place. It was a great feeling for my inner soul. And this called for the harmonious end of the day. Back on wheels, we departed and reached back home after a 30 minute’s drive. A day well spent! One visiting Darjeeling must visit the Japanese Peace Pagoda, it’s truly a delight to your inner soul. Get going!