Travel That Was Just Wonderful- My Travel Journey From Darjeeling To Lucknow

Travelling could just become a dreamy passion to some of us and that’s how it is to me. Darjeeling is for sure a beautiful place filled with elegance and with nature`s beauty all at one single place. The travel was from Bagdogra Airport to Indira Gandhi terminal and then from there to Darjeeling. This defiantly was an experience that cannot be contained in words.

Indira Gandhi Terminal

Indira Gandhi Terminal | Image Resource :

Talking about my journey from Darjeeling to Lucknow; it was inspiring and exciting on the whole. Book a Lucknow flight with Jet Airways and be sure of a nice and comfortable journey waiting for you. The airlines have been serving people to its best all these years. In any class, you will always have the priority of being a wonderful traveler. Expanding ten folds into many countries, this has been a real beautiful journey for them.

Jet Airways

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Lucknow to Darjeeling is like the long lost dream for anyone who wants to enjoy. With over a hundred hotels all over the place in Lucknow, there is never a chance for you to feel left out. From exquisite halls and hotels to small and cheap places for travelers, they have it all. A perfect holiday package to Lucknow cannot be complete without having the perfect classy place to crash. Be it Taj or Vivanta you will never fail to lose the power of classy accommodation here.

Also on the way to Darjeeling you can always find a very easy and comfortable accommodation facility. Also, the very experience of traveling is overwhelming. While you fly to this beautiful place, you can experience the fresh and rich lawn as well as greenery.

Lucknow flight & hotel deals will make the traveling experience way more perfect. With various companies offering packages with well-established hotels and various traveling facilities, your next trip could be to Lucknow because when I choose one of those packages I completely enjoyed the travel and stay beyond my dreams.


My Air Travel Journey From Darjeeling To Kerala By Jet Airways- Time Taking But Smooth And Easy

I live in a small but very famous town known as Darjeeling which attracts a large number of tourists every year. We get to see new faces almost every day and that really makes me proud. The best thing is that despite living here for 35 years, I have never felt bored of this place. I am a lawyer by profession and hardly get any long vacation.

But after a long time, I was lucky to get one. And it coincided with my children’s summer vacation; so we decided to go out on a trip and spend some quality family time. This time, we decided to explore the southern part of the country and what could have been better than Kerala, God’s own country.

Jet Airways

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I checked out the flight hotel deals Kerala and planned everything online. We decided to travel by Jet Airways as we didn’t want to compromise with quality. The journey was going to be a bit hectic. We had to travel on three routes in order to reach the southernmost state of our country, but we were extremely excited to do so.

Bagdogra Airport

Bagdogra Airport | Image Resource :

We boarded our first flight at the Bagdogra airport at 12 o’ clock in the afternoon and reached Kolkata i.e. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport at 1.15pm. We then had to board a flight to travel to Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport, Mumbai from Kolkata. The second flight departed at 2.45pm and reached its destination at 5.25pm. The journey to Mumbai from Darjeeling was an extremely smooth one and we didn’t even realize how quickly we reached the country’s most developed city.

But the covering the last route was certainly going to take a lot of time. We were prepared for that and accordingly boarded the final flight from Mumbai at 6.15pm. The flight would take us to Trivandrum Airport after a halt at Bangalore. We chose to fly through Jet Airways because we didn’t want to go through multiple carriers to reach Kerala. We fell asleep because we had to stay in the flight for more than 24 hours.

Trivandrum Airport

Trivandrum Airport | Image Resource :

When we opened our eyes, we realized that we were in the middle of the sky and my children were very excited at that. We had fun inside the flight and were very impressed with the services of the air hostesses. Thanks to the flight hotel deals Kerala that everything was completed without much expense.