Travel photo of the week : Palak Dil Lake, Mizoram

Palak Dil Lake, Mizoram

Palak Dil Lake, Mizoram | Image Resource :

Palak Dil Lake, Mizoram : No doubt, Palak Dil Lake Mizoram is the biggest in the city. Surrounded with lush greenery it is quite a tranquil place, away from the bustle of the city life. Here is a top view of the lake, which just shows its enormous size, glad I was able to capture this in one shot. It’s a must visit for rejuvenation


Mizoram State Museum – Offers a Glimpse of Ethnic Culture of Mizoram

After having delicious lunch at the multi-cuisine restaurant of the hotel, the four of us went in our rooms to relax. We had almost an hour of rest. Then, we planned to utilize the rest of the day by visiting a nearby place, so we got ready to visit the Mizoram State Museum. The museum was at a close distance to the hotel. Initially, we opted for the pick and drop facility from the hotel to reach the museum, but when told by the travel guide that the museum was at a distance of just one km from the hotel, we decided to walk till there. We took the road map from the staff and moved ahead.

Mizoram State Museum,Mizoram

Mizoram State Museum,Mizoram | Image Resource :

The Mizoram State Museum was located at the Macdonald Hill that is in the centre of the city. We moved across the steep lane and past the church to reach the museum. The entry fee was Rs.5 per person. The museum was very interesting with exhibits on Mizoram culture. Though the museum was small, there were many items in the museum that were reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the place.

Fossils and Minerals at Museum

Fossils and Minerals at Museum | Image Resource :

There was an interesting collection exhibiting various ancient costumes, some traditional implements that were used in ancient times and historical relics. In total, as was told, there were about 2500 different items displayed in the museum. The kids were keen to know about the things in display. They got to learn a lot about the history of Mizoram. Both of them were discussing on the various tribal weapons and wildlife specimens.

Smoking Pipes at Museum

Smoking Pipes at Museum | Image Resource :

The State Museum of Mizoram was established in the year 1977. The museum is ethnological and is constructed so as to have separate gallery, which is devoted to tribes of Mizoram and is all in all a multi-purpose museum. However, the museum remains closed on Sundays and public holidays, like many other museums.

Bull Heads Horns at Museum

Bull Heads Horns at Museum | Image Resource :

It was time for museum to close, so we returned to our hotel. Back in the hotel, the kids were still discussing about the displayed items at the museum and were searching about a few things on the internet.

Gun Powder Bags at Museum

Gun Powder Bags at Museum | Image Resource :